Jan-Kees van Kampen (adrian vacca), born in 1975 in Zetten/NL, studied philosophy in Amsterdam, and electronic music and composition in Hilversum. He currently works at Waag Society, Amsterdam.
url: www.civilrevoltage.com/vacca

Echo Ho, born in Beijing, studied in Beijing, Hong Kong and graduated in audiovisual media arts from KHM in Cologne, where she now lives. In her work, she tries to natively integrate acoustics and visuals in projects ranging from film over installations to live music (earweego: duo with Hannes Hoelzl).

Hannes Hoelzl, born 1974 in Italy, studied sound engineering in Graz/A and audio design in Utrecht/NL. He works in live music ( earweego with Echo Ho) sound installations (Venice Biennale 2001, exhibitions, musea) and audio programming (Inst. for Sonoaviatics) and currently lives in Cologne/D.

Alberto de Campo, born 1964 in Graz, studied composition and jazz guitar in Graz/A and Linz/A, and electronic music in Santa Barbara/USA. He has taught internationally at a number of universities, and currently works at Media Arts Academy (KHM) Cologne.